Aphrodisia Garnet Bracelet $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Romantics Wanted: Heat things up with our 80-total carat Aphrodisia Garnet Bracelet Ancient scholars believed that garnet had the power to “;exhilarate the soul”; and “;attract riches.”; We can’t speak for your soul, but we know for a fact that this red gemstone can boost your bottom line. Here’s how it works: Order this garnet necklace today and you ‘ll get our exclusive Stauer price. No catch. No obligation. Just a genuine garnet bracelet. This is the kind of luxury offer that changes everything. The 80-total carat Aphrodisia Garnet Bracelet is available only from Stauer. A Luxury Legend. Garnet was adored by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. During the Italian Renaissance it was actually prescribed to cure everything from sleeplessness to depression. In the 18th century, garnets became the superstar stone of the Victorian Age. Today, this crimson beauty is hotter than ever � showing up on runways, red carpets and royalty!