Amoretta Scienza Ruby Heart Pendant $79

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Scientists grow heart in a lab I read it a long time ago � the tale of a doctor so lonely for love that he tried to create an undying heart. Nothing he or his beautiful assistant did would work, until he realized that the love of his life had been beside him, helping him, all along. In real life, a group of scientists and chemists just wanted to build a heart of pure beauty. And they did. Our new Amoretta Scienza Ruby Heart Pendant was created with the vital elements of every timeless love story. Heat. Chemistry. Romance. Experts have crafted perfect stones with more fire and color than mined gemstones. Forged under intense pressure and heat, our exclusive lab-created Scienza� ruby centerpiece is a �-carat, marquise-cut that blazes with inner light. Eighty sparkling, lab-created DiamondAura� rounds embrace the ruby in twin hearts of sterling silver. This isnt the heart of a monster � this is a symbol of undying love � two hearts brought together by red-hot passion, crying out, Together… forever! Add the matching 18in. Sterling Silver Chain for ONLY $59!