Amethyst Maiden Necklace & Apollo Black Wallet $278

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Amethyst Maiden Necklace & Apollo Black Wallet - 25270
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Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $278
Ancient Greek love secret Inspired by a mythological romance! She was Amethyst, a maiden devoted to virtue. He was Dionysus, the notorious Greek god of intoxication and revelry. He loved her, but she wanted to wait for someone more suitable. He was a god, used to getting what he wanted. The chase was on. But once Diana saw that Amethyst was serious about keeping her heart pure, the goddess transformed her into a statue of perfect stone. Dionysus stopped partying and wept. He spilled his wine and infused the statue with the rich violet color we now know as amethyst. Something good came from their ill-fated romance. Specifically, our spectacular Amethyst Maiden Necklace. Drape yourself in purple perfection. The Amethyst Maiden Necklace is a knockout. Each rounded bead retains just the right amount of translucence to let light ignite the velvety, violet hues. Each gem is hand set on double-knotted jeweler’s thread. The entire length secures with a .925 sterling silver lobster clasp finished in gold. The 18″ necklace (with 2″ extender) hangs with the same weight and elegance as similar strands that sell for hundreds more. The Apollo Traveler Wallet is a revolutionary aluminum wallet that can take the heat. This wallet is virtually indestructible, and its lightweight composition makes it a comfortable fit for your pocket. With its accordion card keeper and sleek metallic black design, the Apollo Traveler is the epitome of efficiency. The combination of the Amethyst Maiden Necklace and Apollo Wallet are sure to ignite compliments no matter where you travel.