Amethyst Maiden Bracelet & Earrings Set $99

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Amethyst Maiden Bracelet & Earrings Set - 21747
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $99
Greek god invents love Inspired by a mythological romance, this stunning 80-carat amethyst bead bracelet and earrings set is yours for the taking! She was Amethyst, a maiden devoted to virtue. He was Dionysus, the notorious Greek god of intoxication and revelry. He loved her, but she wanted to wait for someone more suitable. He was a god, used to getting what he wanted. The chase was on. But once Diana saw that Amethyst was serious about keeping her heart pure, the goddess transformed her into a statue of perfect white quartz. Dionysus stopped partying for a moment and wept. He spilled his wine and infused the statue with the rich violet color we now know as amethyst. It’s not what you would call a happy ending. Luckily we discovered that something good came from their ill-fated romance. Specifically, this spectacular 70-Carat Amethyst Maiden Bracelet and 10-Carat Amethyst Maiden Earrings Set. And the incredible price may just have you shedding tears of joy. For a limited time, you can get 80 carats of polished purple gems for this exclusive price. The luxury myth has been busted. You’re probably wondering why any jewelry company would give away a perfectly beautiful genuine gemstone bracelet and earrings set at this incredible price. But I promise you that we have a reason. The simple answer is that we want to get your attention. Once you get a closer look at our quality and selection, we’re certain you’ll be back for more. And if you’re already a devoted Stauer client, this is just another example of how we keep the incredible offers coming. Drape yourself in purple perfection. Each rounded bead retains its own unique shape and just the right amount of translucence to let the light ignite the velvety, violet hues. Each gem is hand set on double knotted jeweler’s thread.