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Jungle expedition leads to spectacular emerald find It was a stifling hot afternoon in northern Brazil. I was making my way through the heavy rain laden foliage along with my fellow adventure seekers, slicing through the thick undergrowth with a machete. We paused for a break at the base of a giant almendro tree. It was there amid small talk that I heard of a newly discovered vast supply of natural emeralds not far from where we stood. I knew from years of searching for these coveted stones, that time was of essence, and I needed to bid farewell to my friends and see about securing some of these precious jewels of the jungle for my customers. Long story short…I struck green! Behold the fruits of my expedition… our Amazonian Emerald Bracelet is 7″ length with a 2″ extender and features 50-carats of generous raw, emeralds. Emeralds are, by weight, the most valuable gemstone in the world. And, South America continues to be at the top of the list of places where fine emeralds are found. Tumble-polished for a lustrous sheen, each stone tells a story of its creation in subtle variances of color and variegation. Much like the tree rings on the great redwoods, the delicate lines and marbling hint at the conditions and evolution of one of mother nature’s finest works.