African Sapphire & Emerald Ring $237

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Rare African treasure times two Over 4-total carats of Mambilla sapphire and Zambian emerald! No two gemstones are exactly alike. Every precious sapphire and emerald is its own unique creation, completely different from any stone that came before or will ever be found in the future. Gemstones are beautiful combinations of coincidences. The right ingredients mix with the right chemicals under perfect temperature and pressure in exactly the right place. While no single factor tops the list, geography determines everything. In the luxury world, where a gemstone is born means everything. That’s what’s so exciting about our magnificent African Sapphire & Emerald Ring. The 2 �-carat Mambilla sapphire oval glows with a deep blue completely unique to the rare sapphires of the Mambilla Plateau. The ten brilliant Zambian emeralds glimmer with a serene, green hue that many experts compare to the legendary emeralds of South America. In between the blue and green, we’ve set a sea of lab-created DiamondAura� rounds that shine with more fire than mined diamonds. The treasures of Africa have never been more beautiful… or affordable!