Abstract Agate Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set $427

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Dare to be different With the Abstract Agate Collection, every stone is exclusive to you. Wassily Kandinsky was a true original. The Russian-born artist, who later lived in Germany and then France, broke all the rules wherever he went. He redefined what art can and cant be. Kandinsky refused to repeat the same old, same old. He was determined to make each of his creations fresh and unique. He eventually painted the worlds first purely abstract work, using bold strokes of shape and color that caused uproar in the art community.� His work attracted the wrath of the Nazis, who burned his work� but what did they know? Kandinsky changed the history of art forever. Because he defied his critics and persisted with his beautiful abstractions, we can offer you this collection today. With the Abstract Agate Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set, we took our cue from Kandinsky and created something defiantly different. Each of the agate stones in the collection features unique patterns, created by nature and enhanced by our design team to make those natural compositions stand out. The result is your own exclusive exhibition of miniature works of art.� Every single stone in the 720-total carat Abstract Agate Collection is one-of-a-kind and has never been replicated. So how much to start your collection? In 2012, a Kandisnsky masterpiece sold at auction for $23 million. But the works of art in our Abstract Agate Collection are much more modestly priced. Plus, theres no loud mouth with an auction house hammer. Just us selling directly to you. Defying convention has never been so affordable.