18k White Gold Stauer Blue Diamond Ring $995

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $1195
Off into the wild blue yonder There’s a whole world of color where only pilots can reach. Up over the clouds, where the sun shines all day. Reds, purples and blues that make you feel like you’ve just seen heaven. Or so they say. But those colors so high above? You can also find them deep underground. Our brilliant Blue Diamond Ring features a natural hand-cut mined diamond that has been geologically heated to intensify the blue color spectrum of the natural stone to a rare and dazzling, color-enhanced Atlantic Blue. Stauer Blue Diamonds are available in a one-half carat ring or as a full 1 carat ring showcased in an elegant four-pronged setting of 18K white gold. Available in sizes 5-10. Don’t miss this chance to own your very own piece of blue heaven.