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He invented “infamous” His work is famous. But he was infamous. Benvenuto Cellini was one of Italy’s most celebrated goldsmiths. He was a man of incredible talent and no one knew that more than Cellini himself. During the Golden Era of the Old Masters, he competed with the likes of Michelangelo, Titian and Donatello for greatness. But as a Renaissance bad boy, he had all of them beat. If you want to look into the details of his life, we recommend you read his autobiography, a sprawling confessional account of romance, skullduggery and outrageous behavior that puts any modern tell-all to shame. But if you want to see how his work continues to inspire jewelry designers, look no further than our 14K Gold Vermeil Florence Earrings. A shining example of the metal smith’s craft, the earrings features an ornate “cage” of swirled sterling silver, layered in lustrous 14K gold. These sumptuous vermeil earrings project all the weighty opulence of a Medici treasure, while surprisingly light. It’s the perfect way to capture the elegance of the Italian Renaissance with a unique, artistic flair that would make Benvenuto proud. And maybe… just a little jealous.