14K Gold Byzantine Braided Earrings $299

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Earrings
Retail Price: $399
More bad news for the filthy rich Exquisite Byzantine design in 14K gold Weve lowered the gold standard. Its true, while the price of gold has blown through the roof, Stauer is the only company bold enough to cut the price. But thats not all. The Duchess of Windsor once famously opined that a woman could never be too rich or too thin. And might we add that the 14K gold earrings she wears can never be too rich or too divinely, delightfully weightless! Intricately interwoven Byzantine links lend our braided earrings its mesmerizing texture, but its the ethereal weight of its gold that makes it different from all the others in your jewelry box. Not only does that notable enhancement make it incredibly comfortable to wear, it also affords each and every link a litheness and suppleness seldom seen in heavier gold earrings.